Solar Water Heater Regular 180 liters $ 699

by solarfox 31st January 2012

Heat collect parts: High-tech coat layer, content three elements:
aluminum, copper and stainless steel
Water tank inside: Imported high quality SUS304-2B stainless steel
automatic argon-arc welding crafts
Water tank outside: Imported galvanized steel alloy plate
Heat retention martial and effect: Germany imported polyaminoesters
constant whole forming, 45-65oC when lighted in winter and 60-95oC
in summer.
Support material: Imported hot dipping galvanized steel alloy plate
Super absorb elevation angle: suit different places: 38°-50°
vacuum tube size: 47×1500mm 58×1800mm

Features of regular system:
* Tube at high temperature with magnetic force
* Fluorocarbon (FVFF100) crust
* A long time of heat preservation
* Fitting in anywhere of acid rain, sea wind erosion by salt and bad
* Stable and reliable performance, well wind resistance
* Patent protected collision from the side bracket resistant design
* Meeting each requirement as washing clothes, abstersion and
* Optional accessories: assistant tank, electrical heater
* 20 years' international responsibility for free repairing or exchange
due to original quality problems

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